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Nordivi OÜ  is representing Bayrock AB Pandaweld® SAW welding equipments and other products. Pandaweld® 1250 is a powerful machine for demanding welding applications. It delivers 1250A of welding current at 60% duty cycle making it strong enough for twin- wire welding an even for coarse wire diameters of 5 and 6 mm. In high- duty cycle applications like multipass welding of vessels, or in cladding applications Pandaweld will be your tool for higher productivity.

Let Pandaweld® melt 5mm wire instead of 4mm and you have opened potiential for 50% increase in hourly melt- rate. This is possible with powerful, yet compact, welding powersource.
Pandaweld® 630 is so compact that you probably want to take it home after your work-day is over. Powersource consist of one powerful inverter-block that delivers 500A of welding current at 100% duty cycle. This is enough for many submerged applications where 3mm wires are used. For short fillet- and but welds this can be the right machine for you. 63A fuse requirement for mains power makes it possible to use the machine almost anywhere, and wheels under the 60kg powersource makes it unnecessary to use cranes or forklifts to move the machine around in the factory.

One of the easiest and most convenient way for the mechanization of welding is to use MIG/ MAG welding tractor, which guarantees a constant welding speed and well-controlled size and shape of the weld
Koweld® MIG/ MAG welding tractors for mechanized arc welding represent the latest technology, they have a robust design and is easy to use.